Odyssey Elite Playing Cards

Feel the Universe Co. is the creator of the well-known card decks Odyssey.

We designed the last deck named Odyssey Elite with Sergio Roca, the founder of the company.

Elite is a Cardistry deck, a card manipulation discipline that combines artistic ability with magic and leaves everyone speechless. You will soon understand what we are talking about.

Odyssey Elite Edition is the most futuristic Odyssey edition. In contrast to the other decks Elite comes with a beautiful exclusive tuck case never seen before, astonishing new faces designs and beautiful aesthetic borders.

Last December the Odyssey Elite Kickstarter project ended. We are very happy for the great repercussion that this new design has had. A total of € 19455 and 545 sponsors!

See Kickstarter Proyect

Tags: Graphic Design, Product Design, Editorial

Client: Feel the Universe Co.


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