3D modeling and rendering of the DAGA fan designed by María Arroyo i Bacete for the exhibition “Designing the air”. Exhibition curated by the designer Vicent Martínez, directed by the craftsman Ángel Blay and exhibited at the González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts in Valencia.

20 professionals have participated in the challenge of reinterpreting the classic fan in one of the events held for Valencia World Design Capital 2022.

We were lucky enough to participate in the technical execution of María Arroyo’s concept by modeling the pieces that make up her fan and subsequently making several renders with different finishes and showing the different positions of the fan.

Tags: Product Design, 3D, Cad

Client: María Arroyo i Bacete
Photography: Nerea Coll, Juan Martínez Lahiguera


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